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About Us

Kkanyaah: Empowering Elegance for All!

At Kkanyaah, our journey began with a simple belief – that every woman, regardless of age or shape, deserves to feel confident and comfortable in her clothes. Kkanyaah is a celebration of timeless elegance and the enduring beauty of tradition. Our brand is woven in  the essence of a rich cultural heritage, infusing it with contemporary sensibilities. Kkanyaah stands as a bridge between the roots of our heritage and the aspirations of the modern world.

“Every Kkanyaah is unique and We care for all the Kkanyaahs…”



Kkanyaah offers meticulously handcrafted couture that transcends boundaries. Our designs are a reflection of the diverse moods and occasions in a woman's life. Whether you're planning a getaway, a casual brunch with friends, or dressing up for special family gatherings and festivals, our collections have been carefully curated to suit every celebration.

Kkanyaah is not just about fashion; it's a story of delicate embroideries, soothing patterns, and eco-friendly fabrics. We've woven sustainability into the very fabric of our brand. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to a greener, more beautiful world.



Our story unfolds with a mission to empower women through meaningful employment opportunities. We are more than just a sustainable clothing brand; we're a movement that aims to make every woman look and feel her best, embracing her uniqueness. We are committed to sustainable practices that honor our environment and the skilled artisans who bring our creations to life. Our journey is a tribute to the legacy of those who craft our fabrics and embellishments, as well as to those who adorn themselves with our creations.

Our fabrics are sourced from artisanal communities across India, each piece reflecting the unique craftsmanship of its origin. Every Kkanyaah garment is meticulously handcrafted in our atelier, a testament to the dedication and skill of our artisans.



Kkanyaah is more than just a fashion brand; it's a commitment to mindful living and sustainable choices. We recognize the importance of responsible fashion in today's world. Our practices are centered around reducing waste and treading lightly on the planet.

We prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and techniques, ensuring that our fashion leaves a positive footprint. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed to be environmentally conscious, employing biodegradable materials and reusable components.



Our creative process is a journey that honors the natural world and its beauty. We draw inspiration from the seasons, translating their colors and moods into our designs. We exclusively work with natural and sustainable fabrics, avoiding synthetics that harm the environment.

Our commitment to slow fashion means that we produce limited quantities and embrace a made-to-order model. This minimizes overproduction, reduces waste, and ensures that every Kkanyaah creation is a unique expression of craftsmanship and artistry.



Kkanyaah is the brainchild of our founder, Nidhi Mittal, a visionary in the world of fashion. Nidhi's vision is simple yet powerful: she believes in empowering women through meaningful employment opportunities. She's passionate about using skin-friendly fabrics that are comfortable for all. With every Kkanyaah creation, Nidhi keeps every woman, or "Kkanyaah," in mind.

Our brand is built on the idea of creating light, weightless, and easy-to-wear fabrics that suit any occasion. These fabrics are not only sustainable but also friendly to your skin. At Kkanyaah, we invite you to embark on a journey of elegance, authenticity, and sustainability.


Join us in this journey of elegance and empowerment.